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Project Hazel has unveiled a high-tech razor reusable high-tech mask with integrated sterilizer

Project Hazel has unveiled a high-tech razor reusable high-tech mask with integrated sterilizer

Hazel is undoubtedly one of the products we did not expect the razor to be. And in brand advertisements for devices and equipment Gamers, Which undoubtedly loved us the most. Sorry for the Blade 15 and Pro 17 laptops … Hazel is a mask, available in two colors, with a very detailed design, but not revolutionary, let it be obvious.
This is a great collection of great ideas that have every chance to work if the brand decides to mass produce and if it is affordable.

Safety mask for tomorrow?

The first good idea is to expose the front of the mask. LEDs can better illuminate the lower part of your face intelligently. Yes, when did you ever see someone laughing or screaming in the street? Or when was the last time you could read the lips of your narrator? So this Hazel makes life easier for those with hearing problems and reads a lot on the lips.

Second good idea: The mask has nasal and facial protection, which is positioned over the entire lower face and prevents sneaky bacteria from invading without you knowing. Of course, to ensure that Hazel is properly maintained on the face, the tumors that need to be positioned behind the ears are adjustable and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

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Another health benefit of this mask is its N95 surgical aerators. There are two, fitted with automatic ventilation device, which are powered by rechargeable batteries, and incorporate standard filters, which can be quickly replaced if needed.

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The razor ensures its mask is self-sterilizing and can be disinfected once placed in its storage case. The inside of the box is set with three UV lights, which will operate when closed. The box is also used to recharge the batteries integrated with the mask.

We mentioned it above, with a small LED on its whistle to illuminate your most beautiful smile. But above all there is a voice amplifier, which is hidden in the structure. Must be fully audible and understandable when speaking through a mask. The transfer rate can be adjusted by the smartphone app to suit your environment. Clever.

The fact that you can adjust the small circles of the LEDs on the aerators is also a way of utility, which may testify to the level of charging, but also indicate your mood for the day to those you meet on the street.

After paper masks, reusable sample

At the moment, Project Hazel is not a final product. But the presentation ended on a Coming soon… and brand spokespersons assured us that there are role models. Some engineers in Singapore already had them and tested them.

As a reminder, during the outbreak of the epidemic, it was respectable that the razor made disposable masks in some of its factories.

Project Hazel’s presentation gave the brand a dream opportunity to commemorate the donation of more than one million masks worldwide and the donation of more than 100,000 masks to its community. Gamers Were distributed by demand and some razor player-customers to others who could not afford it.

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