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LG has unveiled the new OLED EX display technology

LG has unveiled the new OLED EX display technology

LG continues to present its innovations, which will definitely be one of the major attractions in anticipation of CES 2022.

LG is one of the benchmarks in the world of display technologies and is illustrated with TVs and monitors in the OLED segment, which are often the most expensive, yet the best. Instead of being satisfied, the brand wants to further elevate the bar with its brand new technology called OLED EX. On the edge.

These panels will benefit from all the benefits of standard OLED technology, including Deep Blocks and the overall superior variant. But according to the company, they benefit from 30% higher brightness and “improved image quality” compared to the base version. This technology will reduce the size of the range of all products involved.

To achieve this result LG had to do in-depth work on both hardware and software. They have actually integrated new products based on deuterium. It is an isotope of hydrogen that, once stabilized, allows pixels to glow more intensely and efficiently. With the advent of new “custom algorithms based on machine learning technology”, the rest of the work was done at the software level.

LG continues son teasing

So we are patient in finding this technology in real conditions to evaluate the progress of this technology compared to the basic OLED panels. So, a real generation breakthrough or a small improvement? Let’s find out at CES 2022, because LG is still one of the few exhibitors who did not cancel their physical presence at the event … at least for now.

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We hope that after a serious teasing campaign, they will maintain this commitment. In a few weeks, the manufacturer gave us several sneak peeks about his various projects Curved seat with integrated OLED display Or its new range Transparent screens. So we can not wait to see what LG still has in stock; See you from January 5th!