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lets sing 2022 deutsche songs

Let’s sing 2022: German songs not available? You can do it

Having trouble finding German songs? Then look here. Source: Ravenscourt, Voxler

Currently the newcomer is furious Let’s sing 2022 with German hits. The popular karaoke game goes with the 2022 edition Let’s sing von Voxler / Ravenscourt to the next round. This game was a very popular gift, especially at Christmas, which invites you to relax and play together during your holidays.

Unfortunately there seems to be issues with the content provided. So it is clear that access to free content is not easy or possible. This includes popular German hits, which may have led many players to buy them.

The game comes with a standard set of international hits in the global version (basic game), with additional German hits to be downloaded later. The corresponding DLC ​​can be opened through the respective store (PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo EShop). The relevant code must be included in the package.

Obviously this causes problems for many users and German songs are not available. This is definitely especially annoying, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts.

We have already contacted the developers or publisher, but it is not so easy to get in touch during the holidays. As soon as we receive additional information, we will share it with you immediately. But you might think that there is a solution to accessing the promised content.

Until then, you should definitely check out the following:

  • Does the boxed version of your Lets Singh 2022 come with a voucher code that you can redeem at your respective digital store?
  • Can I manually locate and download in-store content?
  • You can write to support for quick help (Support-formula – Click “Contact” here)

Interpretation of free songs

The developers write about it as follows:

“Dear customers, there is some confusion about the availability of downloadable songs included in the game.

If you purchased the game directly from eShop, you will receive the basic game and DLC songs for your regional version (see below), which will be automatically downloaded and installed.

Check out the game for DLC songs based on your region. If they are not installed immediately or disappear, search the same package again in eShop. It should now be marked “Purchased”. Scrolls down to the included content. There you click on the “Region-specific” song collection and select “Download again”.

If you purchased a retail box, you will find additional code that you can redeem at eShop.

The version of the free DLC and the songs in it depend on where the game was purchased. eShop is set up for the respective region and only displays available content. “

No solution, now what?

If nothing helps, try to be quiet first. Definitely get the solution. Be sure to use our feedback function and describe your problem. Specify which version you have and for which site. Then the community can give you some tips or assistance!

We have already collected many comments about this in our other posts about the game – you can check it out again here:

Let’s sing 2022 Deutsche Songs DLC

15 additional German songs. Available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

  • Gluso – Dance
  • Die Totten Hossain – Party in the rain
  • Elif – Double life
  • Joris – Welcome
  • LEA – Stairs
  • Mark Forster x VIZE – How are you?
  • Max Keasinger – When she dances
  • Nico Santos – Roof
  • Pietro Lombardi – Cinderella
  • Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and the Giants – Hypnotism
  • Aladdin of Disney – Prince Ali
  • Sarah Lombardy – I Love You My Love
  • Seat – Hale-pop
  • Stereo record. Kerstin Ott – Always smiling
  • Vincent Weiss – A miracle

International songs

The following songs have been misnamed as content in the past and are only available in editions in Germany, Austria, Sweat, Spain, France, Australia, USA, Japan, South Korea and Europe (these countries have their own DLC). Packages – see above).

Not included:

  • Haryana Grande – Positions
  • Jason Terrulo & Javsh 685 – Barbaric Love (Locked – Siren Beat)
  • Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber – Monster
  • Aladdin – a whole new world
  • Xia – Snowman
  • Bruno Mars, Anderson .Bok, Silk Sonic – Leave the Door Open
  • White Lines – Seven Nation Army
  • Debach Mode – Enjoy the silence
  • Crazy Town – Butterfly
  • P! Nk – What about us

Let’s sing 2022

You can buy the current Lets Singh 2022 with German hits here on the platform of your choice. You can also buy games with microphones for the Xbox, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch:

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