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Un extrait des nuits  lumière de Bourges, sur la façade de l'hôtel Lallemant

Les nuits lumière will offer mobile app this year

Legender, the name of this application will be triggered automatically Appropriate audio commentary Once you approach one of the seven sites of the glowing path. The lights and pictures were not enough. Some onlookers were a little disappointed, admitted Constance Bonduelle, Bourges’ deputy mayor: ” We found a compromise between what the locals wanted, i.e. not too much noise as the mild nights lasted throughout the summer, and the demand of the audience who wanted to better understand the scenery. ”

Jacques Coeur Palace in Bourges, glowing in the night light.
City of Borges

The application is free, Which is also available in English. He will also give you a little surprise near Legend Cathedral: ” As visitors cross the Place Etienne Tolet, they can see the underground paths of the Borges at their feet. “Constance explains Bondwell.” We went there to take video

Jean de Berry's iconic bear, Ursain, accompanies you throughout the glowing nights in Borges
Jean de Berry’s iconic bear, Ursain, accompanies you throughout the glowing nights in Borges
City of Borges

These underground lanes are now closed to visitors. Wednesday and Friday, Friends of Jack Coir, Will lead the lesson in period costumes. The former Archdiocese’s predictions have been expanded to include Borges’ candidacy as the capital of European culture by 2028. Carde Blanche was awarded to two Lithuanian and Serbian artists. Spread light nights in September This year: ” We end August 31st because work in the city center will resume in early September, and we do not want an audience to fall into a hole while walking in the curriculum.

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A group of friends of Jack Goyer
A group of friends of Jack Goyer
City of Borges

Nights of light provide a two-kilometer path through the forges formed by 115 blue lights.