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Towards Earth, impressive and uncertain ... What is this giant sunspot that astronomers question?

Towards Earth, impressive and uncertain … What is this giant sunspot that astronomers question?

An activity on the surface of the sun has been of particular interest to astronomers for several days. Should we worry about that?

In observing different parts of the sun daily, astronomers have identified a sunspot with unexpected behavior. Towards Earth, this sunspot, which responds to the sweet name AR3038, grows a little higher every day.

In a few days, it will have already reached 2.5 times the size of Earth. Even better, it doubled in just three days.

What makes the AR3038 special is that it is constantly increasing in size as it orbits the Earth. Until when? This is really the main uncertainty.

Solar storms or extreme forecasts?

Dark spots on the surface of the sun, these sun spots indicate “cold” areas, but do not cause great concern. At worst, they can create very sensitive electromagnetic disturbances. Sometimes these sunspots disappear automatically, but they can also cause solar flares or even intense predictions of light and radiation.

The AR3038 seems to be growing rapidly, has a beta-gamma magnetic configuration, and can be seen evolving. \ ud83d \ udc40 \ ud83d \ udc40 \ ud83d \ udc40

—Irene Engineer Irene Quiros (nenecallas) June 19, 2022

According to the website DemandingThese predictions could be catastrophic if they scare off the magnetic field around the Earth in 1989, when 6 million people in Quebec lost power in a particularly strong episode.

To date, if the AR3038 causes a solar storm, according to experts, it will not be very intense and will have no effect on satellites or terrestrial electrical installations.

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But if the mission continues to grow, the probability of a serious episode will no longer be ruled out without generating a great deal of sunlight.