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Getting Nothing Phone (1) can be as difficult as the first OnePlus

Getting Nothing Phone (1) can be as difficult as the first OnePlus

In one video, nothing confirmed that the first copies of the phone (1) were only available by call. Enough to reward the brand’s fans and make the logistics easier.

Back of Nothing Phone (1) // Source: Raphael Geyer via YouTube

We are only talking about him now. Nothing is in the news now since the phone (1) brand was introduced His pre-release teaser. Every day, new information is filtered through the internet, and Carl Payne’s latest video about the new company, the introduction and especially the first sale of the phone says a little more.

The Nothing on the Call (1).

It is important that the community has it first. That doesn’t mean they have to be alone, but they have to have it first Basil David explains,Product marketingnothing. Nothing wants to use the brand invitation system to allow its community to get a scoop on (1) phone.

Understand that only a select few will have the opportunity to buy Glossy rear phone When launched. This was the strategy used by Carl Pei during the first launch of the OnePlus smartphones at the time, which caused both frustration and excitement.

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The co-founder of the two brands explains:When you create a more complex product like a smartphone, it will take a while to increase. We can collect a lot of phones and wait for the sale to start or start selling as soon as possible. We chose the latter solution.

Full details of this invitation system have not yet been released, but once the items are exhausted, there is no way to make sure all of its fans get one before opening the sale to more people.

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Do not make Samsung

This method has many advantages for the company. In particular, it makes it possible to sell its products in a timely manner, thus avoiding storage costs associated with products and logistics costs associated with unsold products. Without criticism, nothing can be done to reduce production and avoid unnecessary costs.

Let’s put this in parallel with what is happening to Samsung at the moment. Rumor has it that the Korean giant He has 50 million phones in his handsThe fault of the sale was much weaker than expected.

Nothing Phone (1) continues to be on display before it is officially released on July 12th. After the presentation of its design, we now have the first …
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