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Netflix has started downloading part

Netflix has started downloading part

The streaming platform allows you to view programs online and live, by Netflix definition. For this, having a stable internet connection is essential. To view programs without a network, the Downloads option has a new, more practical function …

If you like “TOUDOUM”, it’s because you’re used to watching programs on Netflix. Movies, series, documentaries: There is something for all tastes and all colors. TV, computer, smartphone, tablet … but all of these are not just streaming (broadcast and online reading) available on Netflix: the functionality of downloads allows you to save offline, on public transport, on the plane or in your vacation watching movies or series. The good news: a new option makes this process even smarter!

You could not watch the latest episode of the new season last night Stranger things, The Money Heist, Lupine Or some other program aired on Netflix? No problem, you’re all thinking: Download this on your smartphone and watch it quietly on public transport this morning, thus protecting yourself from spoilers all day long. You understand that your download is not complete, except when you log out. Previously, this would have prevented you from watching the famous episode. But with the new functionality used by Netflix, this will no longer be an issue …

With Netflix, you no longer have to be 100%

Frustration. Before using this new function, even if you have downloaded 99% of an episode, it will not start from the Downloads section. Fortunately, that has changed, but beware: only for devices running Android. In other words, owners of iPhone and Apple products will not be able to use this new tool yet (Apple has announced that the brand will take a few more months). In short, the partial download can be seen already downloaded. If your device has a 2%, 14%, 28% or 57% episode, you may already be watching it, and your program will continue to download after using 4G or 5G, or only once has a good WiFi signal been received. It depends on how you configure your download methods. As a reminder, here’s how to configure it:

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From your smartphone or tablet, go Your Netflix account, And select Application settings. Section Downloads, You can enable or disable the function WiFi only, But configure Automatic download. For this, you can execute functions Download the next chapter, But also Custom downloads, Netflix to download a selection of movies and series that you like based on your taste and previous views. History that always has something to see.

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