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Leak details, possible simplifications are discussed -

Leak details, possible simplifications are discussed –

Some have come out details His Pokemon Legends: Arcius From the online leak, we also find interesting messages in them after the primary source removed by the Twitter user CentroLeaks. Possible simplifications That activists are discussing with the community.

We already know that the new episode of the series is like a kind of spin-off with its own specific characteristics. Action Icon And its entirely open world, so it’s no surprise that Kamble is more action-oriented than we’ve seen so far in the regular series.

That, too, emerges from new details Capture Arsius This is only possible after completing the historical part of the game, Hizu Bokotex: so you will have to play for a long time before you can catch the famous one, because it is necessary to pick up all the existing Pokமொmon. Unlike what usually happens, the part before getting it.

Everything Starter (Decidueye, Typhlosion and Samurott) with specific characteristic moves, and Hiesel with distinct regional evolution.

Pokémon Legends: A significant change in the statistics and value system in Arceus is something that will be discussed somewhat.

In practice, individual points will not be used in the new chapter to evaluate Statistics Individual Pokemon, but a system similar to that found in the Pokemon Lets Temple, interferes with the use of candies, derived from Pokemon GO, but still different. Other possible limitations are the lack of specific skills, as well as the ability to assign assigned materials and organisms.

These three Deletions, In particular, they are a little debatable, though it should be noted that these are all still rumors. Other details are about fights for the success of the myths that are structured as real boss wars and the possibility of having a mechanic like Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire portals.

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