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Google offers a special calculator: the 4 euro application is free for a short time only

Google offers a special calculator: the 4 euro application is free for a short time only

Are you currently working on your tax returns and still need to calculate one or the other? Or are you currently planning to renovate your apartment and trying to calculate individual areas for the purchase of the required rolls of wallpaper? Here are two examples where you can use a calculator or a related application.

As a rule, every smartphone has such software ex-jobs. However, it does not always have the required functions. For example, the Multiscreen Calculator Pro is a viable alternative to standard usage and is available for a short period of time on the Google Play Store.

Two great features of the app: On the one hand, you can order calculations with voice input, and on the other hand, you can open multiple windows at once. This is very useful because it eliminates the need to memorize intermediate calculation results.

Please note that we can only reflect on the current status of such free ads and have no influence on the developers’ decision to complete them in advance if necessary. Therefore, always check when downloading whether the offer is still valid.

Android app “Multiscreen-Dashenrechner Pro”: How to get the full version

Voice Input and Multiscreen: The full version of the app is a powerful pocket calculator for smartphones.

Image: Chip

To add an extraordinary calculator to your app collection, follow our download link, which will take you directly to the Ads page. Then press the “Install” button and the download and installation of the software on your smartphone will begin.

How you do the calculations is shown in great detail in the description of the application. If you want to enable voice input, simply press the microphone icon and confirm access. If you want to open multiple windows, the next calculation window will open only if you swipe from the right edge of the screen in the running application.

If numbered windows are not enough for you, you need to click on the number of the window in the lower left corner and give it a unique name.

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