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League of Legends: Three more champions this year

League of Legends: Three more champions this year

Riot Games wants to line up players in the MOBA League of Legends in 2022 and has announced several new champions at the start of the latest season.

As is well known, Zeri will soon be a new ADC in the MOBA perennial success that will make Pat Lane insecure in the future. Beyond that, a lot more riot games are planned.

In a live stream at the start of the new season, the developer mentioned three more champions besides Zeri for the 2022 New Year. The first protagonist is supposed to be a sorcerer-style supporting character, this time you get a darker and more threatening setting than you are accustomed to from other characters of this kind. It should be an employer character acting in the background in the activity surrounding the MOBA.

According to leading champion producer Ryan Mirrels, the next champion will be a little more regular. Evidence suggests that this is the vacuum of Runetora causing havoc in the jungle of the League of Legends. Here, too, is the official presentation to watch for now.

According to Mirels, the unannounced third character is said to be “innovative, very mysterious and not very traditional” on the boat lane. Until we learn more about these three, check out the Champion trailer for the approaching Zeri.

League of Legends – Jerry, The Spark of John Champion Trailer

Following the recent leak, the new trailer for League of Legends now shows the next new champion Jerry, The Spark of John in action.