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Citizen Evil Village, Free DLC?  Not at all, says a well-known leak -

Citizen Evil Village, Free DLC? Not at all, says a well-known leak –

Not everyone I DLC From Citizenship Evil Village Available For free, According to the well-known Leaker Dusk column: Some packages are definitely free, but full body and interesting will probably pay off.

Capcom announced the arrival of a free DLC to Resident Evil Village last October, but the Osaka House’s communication in this regard has been somewhat bad, and many users have had a misconception about the latter’s support.

So the need for clarification on the part of the Liquor, as you may remember, was exactly in anticipation of the announcement and characteristics of the last episode of the Survival Horror series, and it seems clear that there are connections within the Japanese development team.

“There is no way that all Resident Evil Village DLCs can be distributed for free,” Dusk Golem wrote. “If there are free packages, Capcom works on a variety of downloadable content.”

For Time, Leaked wrote: “Historically, Resident Evil DLCs have been in operation for five to eleven months. Delays, See a hero who has undergone a major transformation, but Resident Evil Village DLCs have been in development for almost six months.

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