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Lazio-Roma 3-0, Inzaghi a -3 ma la Champions non c

Lazio-Roma 3-0 at Inzaki-3 but have nothing to do with the Champions League Football | Top News | Game and go

Lazio does Derby No. 153 in Serie A., Sees three wins for the first time.

Are to determine the competition Brace and Ciro from Luis Alberto aim for the regular benefit of the immobile. In the first fraction Ibnes He allows himself to be mocked twice by Lazarus and paves the way for two of the hosts’ goals. In the second half, Roma’s game got complicated, 3-0 in the 66th minute, again by Luis Alberto. In the final, Reina defeats Derby, beating Diego. Thanks to these three points, Lazio is narrowing the gap in position on Giororoci and returning to racing for Europe.

Lazio-Rome, Inzaki’s dissertation

There is however A paradox prior to Inzaki’s thesis Regarding the reasons for the distance in the positions between the two systems of capital. But let’s take a step back. At the conference to host the tournament, coach Piancasuro confirmed Fonseka’s answer to a question about the gap between eleven positions. The preparation of various European obligations had its weight. Sure, the Champions League is not the Europa League, but are we sure the delay in positions was caused by the different weight of midweek duties?

Lazio and Rome European obligations

Let’s go to the queue. In the Champions League, the Lazio Second-placed Borussia Dortmund, Zenit and Club Bruke scored 10 points each. In the Europa League, The Roma She won by 13 points with the Young Boys, Cluj and Cisco Sofia. Having said that, is it true that Lazio left 6 points on the road in the six Serie A rounds played after their respective European duties?

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Insaki, the data trusts him

The answer is no and The data did not lie. In the matches played after the Champions League, Inzaki’s Lazio actually amassed three wins, one draw and two defeats at home, with Udinese and Verona. Which, translated, means 10 points out of 18. And Fonseka’s Rome? Kialorosi scored 4-0 against Napoli in San Paulo after the away match with Cluj, with three more wins and two draws. Translation: The extra points Roma earned after playing in the week compared to Lazio are only translated into one length, and the six length delay before the derby is not justified by Inzaki’s study.