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Sony removes third-party game release dates from CES 2021 trailer, bad omen?  -

Sony removes third-party game release dates from CES 2021 trailer, bad omen? –

From the trailer PS5 Released during CES 2021 Removed All tips Release dates Or launched release periods Geochi Third Party, Sony has edited the trailer on YouTube with new characters at the end of the video, and many are wondering if this could be a bad sign before a possible postponement.

A few days ago we saw a video with the release period of Ratchet, Horizon and many more excerpts from which Pragmatha and Project Adia have been postponed, but can Don’t be the only one, Given by the most recent change.

In New version of the trailer PS5’s official presentation on upcoming games, in fact, avoids the Ratchet & Clang: split (and with a simpler 2021, which would mean a postponement, previously “first half” of 2021 “), to the Horizon-banned West 2021 and March 19, 2021 Confirmed back to.

Everything Other topics are not mentioned Final Fantasy XVI, shown in the video, Project Atiya, Prokmada, Solar Ash, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Ghostwire Tokyo and other first-party games were released at the end of the film.

This is probably a move decided by Sony, perhaps at the request of third-party publishers who want this way Protect yourself If they are forced Change the exit time As mentioned earlier, this element is not under Sony’s direct control.

However, many find a hint that many of these are coming Postponed So don’t come in 2021 or the times mentioned above. On the other hand, following the postponement of the Hogwarts legacy, the always well-known Jason Schreier saw this as the first of many postponements planned for 2021.

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