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Launches Wallpaper January 2021 Release *

Launches Wallpaper January 2021 Release *


5 hours ago

Launches Wallpaper January 2021 Release *

Welcome to our January issue! In the sense of new beginnings, this issue is dedicated to the next generation, bright minds and developing talents have fascinated and inspired us.

Among them, artist Gutsani-Violet Hawami, at the age of 26, represented his native Zimbabwe in 2019 behind the Venice. His colorful paintings, often in childhood cartoons and collage forms reminiscent of the time spent on Dumbledore, provide a vivid description of gender, sex and identity. Upon his visit to his London studio, we invited Hwami to create a new sketch for our limited edition card (available to subscribers). As a result, titled Plain of the Christmas cow, Is a clear example of how technology has shaped the creative universe of digital natives: ‘Unrelated images borrowed from family archives and the Internet meet in encounters on canvas,’ says Hawami. The visitor is invited to fill in the blanks, such as how we fill and edit the gaps in Instagram or Dumbledore accounts. ‘

Meanwhile, our annual graduate directory has been reborn as ’21 Rising Stars 2021 ‘. In a typical year, our teachers would scan graduate programs at top companies in search of the next big thing. This time, with so many graduate programs canceled due to the epidemic, we have turned to social media (when educators around the world are invited to present their best students). When we lose touch with physics shows and the personal encounters that come with them, as a result of the increased credibility we have on the Internet, a queue has formed internationally and is stronger than ever. It reminds us that diversity is more than a moral imperative: it is a commitment that will help unleash the full potential of a new generation.

Our 21 rising stars come from many backgrounds and perspectives, but they have a common belief in the social impact of creativity. From homogenous waste to home-made composting tools, to the architectural project of addressing the dangerous conditions of the world’s largest e-waste and the series of photographs challenging the negative stereotypes of black women, the evidence that their projects are for their generation is capable of taking on many of the complexities of our time. We look forward to enhancing the profiles of these rising stars and releasing extended versions on our digital platforms throughout the holiday season.

Closer to home, we also shine a light on ten young architectural practices in London. These founders are the new faces of a changing industry, having established themselves a little more than our 21 emerging stars and have had a few years to develop their ideas and demonstrate their potential. Our architect Ellie Stataki started specifying them here on this fall, and photographer Elena Heatherwick has created a new portfolio of studio portraits for this print edition that speak to their character and purpose.

Our contributor line for this issue also reflects the next generation theme. In a full circle, our Newsstand cover photo of the joint redefinition of Canadian design based in Montreal was filmed by Justin Carter last year (W * 250) in our graduate directory. We hired four other young photographers to document the graduation plans of our fashion rising stars, while the portraits on the side of our contributors were created by Andrew Pasto, who went back to university in his thirties. .

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Finally, for our artist’s palate page, we invited Sean Scully to share his love of pancakes – a meal he prepares a few times a week for his 11-year-old son. It is appropriate to start 2021 with a breakfast that will nurture the next generation.

Enjoy the problem, Happy New Year!

Sarah Douglas
Chief Editor