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Cox Communications introduces fast download speeds for low cost web plan

For thousands of Nevada children going to distance learning, the Internet is going fast.

Cox Communications, which is involved in a public-private partnership to resolve digital divisions, has announced it will double the download speed of its low-income Internet service, Connect 2 Compat. The move – to increase the download speed to 50 megabits per second – is aimed at ensuring that all students can fully participate in distance education.

Some families, especially those with many children, have lamented the effects of the sluggish internet. Students have trouble participating in video conferencing sites and using other online learning tools, which puts them behind academically.

The updated download speed for the Connect2Compete program runs from Friday until June 30th.

Michael Bolognini, vice president of Cox Communications in Las Vegas, said in a statement, “Connect 2 Combat has been developed to enhance the classroom, and has now transformed the entire classroom into a full-fledged virtual learning platform for thousands of remote learners. “

The company is part of the Connecting Kids Alliance, which rallied over the summer to ensure all Nevada students have access to a laptop or Chromebook for virtual learning.

Clark County School District students have not returned to brick and mortar schools since mid-March, prompting COVID-19 closures. Distance learning will continue, at least in early January.

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