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Last update causes an irreparable error

Last update causes an irreparable error

Definitely, when you don’t like it, you don’t need it! The CD project is mired in a number of issues related to its latest game Cyberpunk 2077. We will never come back Many disappointments to the studio since the game began, But we believe the title is cursed. In fact, the last link released this weekend is causing a new irreparable problem for some players.

Problem not fixed, but proposed solution while waiting for troubleshooting

Uploaded by the weekend, Update 1.1 Cyberpunk 2077 Complicated. Many players who downloaded and installed it Victims of a new problem. An error Makes any contact impossible after accidentally taking a phone call. This problem seems incurable! Even if you want to try loading previous savings!

For its part, the Polish studio contacted social networks and informed the players that it was aware of this new problem in its game. CD Project mentions that its developers are trying to release a patch soon Share at the same time A trick to get around the bug.

Check out the original tweet

We are working on the issue of not being able to start a conversation with Takemura during the “Down on the Street” search. We plan to release a patch to fix it soon. In the meantime, here is a possible solution. “

Around this error, the solution proposed by the studio is included Save a game before leaving the office of Takemura and V. Wagako. Then it is necessary Immediately end the conversation with Takemura in front of the office. Coming soon Conversation over, CD project suggests waiting 23 hours while updating search. Then it is necessary Check if the hologram starts and the conversation with Tagmura starts.

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For its part, the site கோட்டாக்கு Instead he advises Judith to make a phone call before calling Takemura.

You can always try one of these two solutions provided while waiting for the edit action that the CD project teams came up with. But of course, we believe the studio is cursed Cyberpunk 2077. We hope the game will not be affected by other issues by the time the next big update scheduled for next month is released.