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Pip & Co: New app to download

Pip & Co: New app to download

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Pip & Co, a key player Distribution of electronic payment badges And a subsidiary of the Soneff Group, offering a new mobile app for motorists and them 1.6 million customers. The company wants Enrich its services And purpose Become a player in facilitating daily commutes.

An invention for the benefit of a personalized customer experience

The company continues to strive to give more value to its customers by placing innovations at the center of its development strategy. After launching its European electronic payment badge in 2019, Pip & Co continues its growth with the desire to provide new mobility services and equip motorists with practical tools.

This is only a beginning

The application was already successfully launched in mid-December Accepted by over 100,000 users. Pip & Co’s ambition is to equip most of its customers very quickly.

If this first version of the app meets the priority expectations expressed by customers, it should grow and grow quickly Facilitate their movement in the broadest sense, This, beyond the highway: urban parking, fuel, laundry, carpooling, etc.

Pip & Co application, support for all trips

Through the Pip & Co app, motorists are benefiting from new features

Very easy and quiet to go:

  • Practical Services: Easily find an electronic fare-compatible car park in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, find the cheapest gas station around us, or find more than 3,500 car wash stations across France. The app also lets you find the next rest area of ​​the trip.
  • Customized trips, up to Euro: Thanks to the travel function, every motorist can prepare for his or her own journey and receive detailed fare and fuel costs. To get more accurate costs, all you have to do is complete the information about your vehicle (vehicle type, fuel used).
  • Easily accessible customer account: With the app, each customer can track their consumption, access their badge-related information, and download invoices.
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Application Available for download In stores (Google Play and App Store).