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Last Stop: Annapurna Interactive Game Game Play Trailer

Last Stop: Annapurna Interactive Game Game Play Trailer

ID @ Xbox displayed The last stopAnnapurna Interactive’s new game for 2021 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ll have to watch it for a long time Sports video, You can find at the beginning of the message.

The last stop A single player adventure set in London Today. Variable State was written and created by award-winning Virginia creators, Lost Stop says Three interconnected stories With three playable protagonists.

Donna She is a high school student who feels like a prisoner of oppressive family life and a more insecure older sister. Not far from home, Donna searches for the usual strong emotions of adolescence in the company of friends Becky and Vivek, but gets into trouble when the trio reluctantly find themselves in the role of kidnappers during a growing detective game.

John He is a middle-aged single father, who is stressed by work. John, overwhelmed by debt and the pressure to be a parent, envies the twenty-something-year-old undergraduate Jack, who has an easy, unattached life. When the two recklessly fight with revenge-hungry strangers, a cursed artifact threatens to change their lives forever.

Meena He is an ambitious dishonest professional who tries to find in his family the same fulfillment he was given by the thrill of his work. As Meena competes for a major promotion with the newcomer, something very old is sinking into the basement of the office where she works.

We can solve the mystery of the Lost Stop. We point out that 12 minutes was also given as another game offered by Annapurna Interactive.

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