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Raise the curtain for the second spotlight trailer from Sonic Colors Ultimate • Nintendo Connect

Raise the curtain for the second spotlight trailer from Sonic Colors Ultimate • Nintendo Connect

The new trailer puts colorful whistles inside Sonic Colors Ultimate In front. Sonic Colors: Ultimate Released on September 7, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles and Nintendo Switch. The retail version includes exclusive Baby Sonic Keering as a bonus.

SEGA today released the second Spotlight trailer Sonic Colors: Ultimate, The adrenaline-pumping HD remake of the iconic screen Sonic colors Since 2010. In the latest trailer, Sonic fans face colorful whistles that allow Sonic to reach new heights. Travels to Ekman’s “Incredible Star Amusement Park”.

An overview of whistles and their forces is here:

  • White Whisp – Boost fills the gauge and accelerates to high speed. Obstacles and enemies along the way are destroyed.
  • Sean Whisp – Sonic converts into a powerful cyan laser so that it moves at lightning speed and clears through enemies.
  • Jade Whispe – Sonic turns into a jade ghost, which can penetrate solid objects and fly to find hidden areas.
  • Rosa Whisp – Transforms Sonic into a pink stinger, which rolls walls and ceilings and attacks enemies.
  • Green Whisp – Sonic turns into a green floating form to reach higher heights so he can float past treacherous obstacles.
  • Orange Whisp – Turns Sonic into an orange rocket that rises in the air and reaches unparalleled heights.
  • Place Whispe Change the blue rings and blue blocks to open new paths. Turns Sonic into a blue cube so he can trample enemies as far as he can.
  • Gelps Whisp – Turns Sonic into a yellow drill. It can dig itself into the ground or accelerate through the water.
  • Leela Whispe – Put Sonic in the hungry purple and he will swallow everything that comes his way.
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