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Konami operates behind the scenes of Metal Gear, Castlevania and the Silent Hill franchise - narrator statement

Konami operates behind the scenes of Metal Gear, Castlevania and the Silent Hill franchise – narrator statement

As everyone knows, the primary owners of Konami have been set aside for years for a variety of reasons. The solid snake saga was naturally affected by the departure of Kojima and his men in 2015, so Konami did not insist after the cycle failed. Metal gear survives. Castlevania is entitled to all the retro affections of the world, but the last is the original title Shadow Lords2 2014. Silent Hill fans still need to feel sorry for those who are in it Mile Mountain Fall 2012. After a whole generation, Konami (and very rarely one) has been successful in mobile games Momodoro) It offers good financial strength and has finally decided to actively re-invest in these three licenses.

According to VGC information, Castlevania will return first. Konami will be developing domestically in Japan with the help of Saga’s “rediscovery” external studios. Regarding Metal Gear, VGC dismisses any rumors about a remake of Bluepoint Games: it may be a question of a remake but Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater from Chinese studio Virtuos, a customer Well known In the world of co-development and reformers. In order to properly prepare the floor on the current machines, the release of this project can be carried out by the reformers of other chapters. Finally, several Silent Hill projects are currently in development, including an “accredited Japanese studio” that VGC already announced earlier this year. As far as we know, Konami has signed a joint venture with the Polish studio Blooper team, which currently produces two AAA games.

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Konami’s Japanese bosses are notorious for consistently rejecting most outsourcing plans from their major game owners, which is a big part of why previous plans for Silent Hill games were not selected until Studio Supermacific to Dawn. However, after the disappointing performances of Metal Gear Survive and Contra: Rogue Corps’ latest internal titles, VGC sources say the company now wants to use outdoor studios for its core owners.“Can we read it? In theory, Konami should start communicating with its plans from next year.Many important projects“In preparation

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