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Co-op - Nert 4. Fight re-created to fit Life

Co-op – Nert 4. Fight re-created to fit Life

Gotham Knights, Warner Bros. Montreal’s new game, Rocksteady and beyond, has decided to move away from the Arkham series with a name change. This new game is focused as all players have noticed since the first announcement Cooperative. However, Cooperative was not simply included in the pre-existing Batman & Go games, but pushed the team Rebuild the war system.

In an interview with GameSrotter +, Gotham Knights developers said, “It completely re-created the combat system to work properly in the Coalition because it was part of the experience that most interested us in. Of course, he is still a fighter Some dynamics do not feel alien For those who have played and loved the arc series, but in many ways it is a very different game. Creating a new combat system is a real challenge, but it’s inspiring, and we’re very proud of the result. ”

Apparently Gotham knights This is playable solo, But the co-op promises to be a lot of fun. “The dynamics of the two players blend in with the nature of Gotham City. Says Patrick Redding, creative director of Warner Bros. Montreal.

In addition, we have already discovered that the Gotham Knights have a dynamic and growing open world. Finally, we remind you that Gotham Knights offers 4 superheroes for 4 different experiences.

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