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Very special, offers everything unlimited up to 25/10 and 130GB 7.99 euro / month

Very special, offers everything unlimited up to 25/10 and 130GB 7.99 euro / month

Very mobile Launches a new offer dedicated to new numbers and those who can transfer their phone number to the virtual operator of Windows. Is called Very special, And predicts Unlimited minutes and SMS and 130 gigabytes For navigation against monthly fees 7.99 Euro. It does not have a very Flash level and is available up to 200GB for the same number of calls and messages, but it is still a great offer for customers of Elliott, Postmobile, Coop Voice, Fastweb and other MVNOs. Please consider.

However, exclusions can only be implemented by October 25 next.

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 130 gig Up to 30 Mbps under 4G coverage
  • 7.99 euros per month
  • SIM + Activation: Free
  • Free shipping
  • Offer Deadline: October 25
  • No contractual obligations
  • Monthly renewal
  • Click Update immediately when you finish and restart the offer immediately
  • Automatic recharge is available
  • The services I searched for you include Ringmee and Hotspot
  • 4.4GB added for European roaming navigation
  • Offer change at no extra charge via App or 1929
  • Payment services are blocked

This offer is available for new numbers and those coming from the following operators:

BT Enia, BT Italia, CMLink, Coop Voce, Daily Telecom Mobile, DIGI Mobil, Enegan, ERG Mobile, Fastweb, Green Telecomunicazioni, Iliad, Intermatica, Lycomobile, Noitel, NT Mobile, NV Mobile, Optim, Everywhere, PLINK, Plintron, PosteMobile, Rabona Mobile, 1Mobile, Rabona New, Telmekom, Tiscali, Uno Mobile, Welcome Italia, WithU

There are two ways to implement the offer:

  • Online Activation: You will receive the SIM home within 5 working days (no reserve required). Activation is done by video identification from the application
  • Store activation
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Additional information is available at the link on SOURCE.