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Gonami wants to update its owners -

Gonami wants to update its owners –

According to a rumor collected by the Video Games Chronicle, Konami wants to revive its biggest owners. Metal gear, Castlevania e Quiet mountain, The launch of new episodes and the release of remakes and remakes of old games.

In recent years Gonami has started very few topics related to its historical rights. The latest Metal Gear, Metal Gear Survive, pre-2018, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 pre-2014. Fortunately, the company wants to restructure its video game development division.

The first topic of development is expected to be a new Castlevania, which is said to be a redesign of the VGC source series. He will work on the project Konami Japan, With the support of some local outdoor companies.

The metal gear series will be handed over to someone Chinese study (So ​​not the Bluepoint as previously rumored), which will work on the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, not in a new episode. Konami wants to release redesigned versions of the original Metal Gear solids for modern consoles before moving on to a bigger project.

Finally, there will be more Silent Hill games in development at various outdoor studios. One of these was handed over to a large Japanese studio earlier this year.

Gonami is expected to release its cards at a dedicated event, scheduled for next year, to allow Covid-19. Announcements were planned for E3 2021 this year, but Konami would have stayed away from the event, postponing everything to a later date.

Konami’s Japanese bosses have been discarding a lot of pitches from outdoor studios like Supermassive Silent Hill for the past few years. The failure of some locally developed games, such as Metal Gear Survive and Contra: Rock Corps, prompted them to withdraw their action.

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