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Konami Game Restored Mod Video -

Konami Game Restored Mod Video –

Silent Hill 2 updated version An interesting project by mod Points out Remaster As shown in the video presentation above, increasing its resolution and using various enhancements makes it even more interesting as far as Konami’s original game or graphics are concerned.

Question mode is currently on Work phase Also it does not have a definitive version, however, it already uses several improvements to the base of the game, some of which can be seen in the video. The updated version of Silent Hill 2 will soon have a wizard system that will allow easy installation, while adjustment from the audio point is planned in the future.

The video, in particular, indicates the current state of modin development and the goals achieved so far. You can see some gamble scenes from the game used in the mod, and the areas that developers are currently focusing on are reported, especiallyOptimization To increase stability by using different CPU cores or on the same hub, without much work on the processor.

You can find all the information in the project in question Silent Hill 2 Updated Version Official Website, from where you can download the final non-version of the mod, wait for the next updates to come.

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