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Battlefield 2042, sales below expectations: EA speaks -

Battlefield 2042, sales below expectations: EA speaks –

The Sale From Battlefield 2042 Were below Expectations: Said She During the last conference call, the game’s performance company was forced to cut its projections by $ 100 million.

A few days ago, rumors spread that Battlefield 2042 could be played for free, and official data did not deny the validity of this hypothesis, the publisher wanted to explain. Reasons Of this failure.

Electronic arts developers cited the obligation to work from home, which is difficult Technical malfunction The team had to work during the game and made many design choices that were not appreciated by the community.

Liquor Tom Henderson pointed out that the company refused to provide official Battlefield 2042 sales numbers, and reiterated to investors that in both cases the game did not exceed 10% of theirs.

In short, there is an attempt to reduce the proportion of these failures, however, although there is a clear delay in comparing what various competitors are doing, it does not affect the developers’ desire to create new content for the shooter.

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