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Kodaku - Reissue according to

Kodaku – Reissue according to

GTA3, GTA: Sub City e GTA: San Andreas The trio will land on various platforms including the Nintendo Switch Restoration As Kodaku announced, she firmly believes in the validity of this message.

Three GDA remasters have already been talked about in the new tag-two topics, so coming from Kotaku is just a confirmation Rumor It was already in circulation with some compulsions, but it was apparently not yet officially announced by Rockstar Games.

According to the newspaper, some of the most reliable sources are the compilers of the three chapters Grand Theft Auto Are in the final stages of development, so an announcement may come at any time ‘Exit Set in the fall.

The games will be rebuilt using Unreal Engine and will boast a mix of old and new graphics. Their appearance is rumored to be reminiscent of some mods created by the most recent community for the series, and the interface has been modified.

At this point the only thing left to do is wait for any confirmations or denials from the Rockstar games: if the tasks of the remasters are actually in the pipeline, it should not be long.

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