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How to download youtube video in 2021?

Need to download YouTube video on your computer or smartphone to watch MP4 file without link and without ads? Here’s what you need to know before you download YouTube!

YouTube video download

How many times do we want Download the video from Youtube Want to keep it physically on your PC or smartphone? This happens when you want to watch long videos on the go without consuming our project data traffic. Or even because we want to see the content we want to see without interruption in advertising or on a device that is not connected to the Internet.

Whatever the reason for us Download a video from YouTube, Does not allow downloading of content from the platform or application. YouTube’s Terms of Service explicitly state that no portion of the Content may be downloaded unless otherwise specified by the Service.

However, there are some sites where you can download videos from online sites like YouTube.

How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

For Download a video from YouTube On an iPhone, copy the link from the YouTube app and then use the YouTube converter like You can save it to your device using the Documents app.

Open the Documents app and find the browser icon indicated by a small compass in the lower right corner. Tap it and you will be taken to website. Now paste the YouTube video link in the dedicated window, select the preferred quality option and the file will start downloading.

When done, the video will appear in the Downloads section of the Documents application. From there, you can move it to “Photos> Camera Roll” so that the documentation is out of use.

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Why download a YouTube video?

YouTube is a free site that offers millions of videos for free access to the Internet. So what is the use of downloading free content?

The first obvious reason is that free youtube videos require high speed internet connection. By downloading the source file even in .mp4, .mkv or .avi, you can view it at any time, even when you are not connected to the Internet.

The other reason is about advertising. In fact, the condition for accessing all of these free videos is to watch YouTube ads. Until you download the video to your computer, you can play it without advertising.

Here are the main reasons why YouTube video converter and download sites are so successful.

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Is It Legal To Download A YouTube Video?

Anyway, there is nothing illegal about downloading a YouTube video, but the answer is not so easy …

If we only specify the YouTube Terms of Use, the popular streaming video site will not allow downloads. The main reason is that YouTube monetizes its content through advertising. By downloading a source video on your computer or smartphone, you will no longer see ads, which is the whole problem … although the content is available on the platform for free.

However YouTube is not the law. From this point of view, it depends on the content you want to download and its copyright. Because YouTube is not the owner of the videos on its platform. If the author leaves the rights to his video to the community, or explicitly grants you permission, you will be completely free to legally download his video.

In short, downloading YouTube video is very easy. But before you jump in, make sure the copyright allows you to do it legally.

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How to download from Instagram?

You can from the site Download the Instagram videoYou can download Instagram stories and features, save photos and profile pictures, download Instagram reels, and download personalized Instagram videos. All you have to do is copy the link of the video or image, paste it in the box here and then save it to your device, be it Android, iPhone or PC.

Our website has a unique feature that allows you to upload a story by copying the link of the story and then pasting the link in the provided field.