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The bar of 100,000 contact case notices has been crossed

« This morning, more than 100,000 people were alerted by TousAntiCovid. They were able to isolate themselves, test and avoid contamination. TousAntiCovid saves lives. The more of us who download it, the more efficient it will be! This Wednesday, on Twitter, Digital Secretary of State Cedric O’Brien was delighted to cross this index threshold for use.

13,480,296 people have activated TousAntiCovid

However, these results are still very modest. So, as announced P.F.M., 20% of French people have now downloaded TousAntiCovid, and 175,000 reports are only 4.5% of the 3.9 million cases officially registered in France since the outbreak began. By comparison, the British communication tracking app has been downloaded by about 30% of people and sent 1.7 million notifications, mention our colleagues.

As a reminder, this Bluetooth-based device is designed to alert you if you find yourself near a person who has tested positive for Covit-19. At its inception, an application called Stop Covit failed to convince the French and showed very disappointing download statistics. In order to convince citizens to use it, subtle changes have been made, including the possibility of filling out the prison exit certificates in a matter of seconds.

A new feature could also be a game converter. The government is working to integrate the QR code tracking system as part of the reopening of restaurants and bars. In short, tracking contacts via Bluetooth is maintained and completed by the QR code. Upon entering a company, you will be asked to scan the QR code. When another TousAntiCovid user notifies himself positively, you will be alerted by a notification on your smartphone if he is there at the same time.

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It remains to be seen whether this addition can convince the French to download the tool. According to the latest figures discussed this morning, 13,480,296 people have processed the application.