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Kirby and the Lost Land, Nintendo Switch - Trailer with Release Date on

Kirby and the Lost Land, Nintendo Switch – Trailer with Release Date on

Kirby and the Lost Land Has a date of Exit Official, revealed by the new trailer released by Nintendo: Game available Nintendo Switch From March 25th. However, the news did not end there.

Presented with the Gamble trailer during the latest Nintendo Direct, Kirby and Lost Land will take us to an abandoned and unknown situation where we will be engaged in the task of looking for it. Waddle Dee Abducted by an army of beasts.

“To save his friends, Kirby embarks on a journey with the elfin ‘eager to meet in the new world,” Nintendo said in a statement.

In a great adventure, players can use many Ability Kirby to fight with enemies and go to vibrant 3D worlds. A place awaits them to create challenging areas where natural and past civilizations run together. When setting out to release captive vodka tea it can be useful to explore every corner accelerator to save as many people as possible along the way.

There will be a few in addition to Kirby’s iconic copying skills New additions For his skill: Copy skills Drill and Scout. The drill allows you to dive to the ground and strike enemies with massive blows from below, while the scout ability allows you to see distant enemies.

There may be a supporting cast in Kirby’s Adventure. A second player may join the expedition as a vadil tea assistant. Players can use his spear to launch various attacks and switch easily Cooperative system For two players on the same console by sharing Joy-Khan.

Kirby and Lost Land, one of the bosses of the campaign

Introducing Kirby and the Lost Land Waddle Dee City, Which is the focal point of the adventure. The city will grow more and more based on the number of Waddle Dee stored. Many shops will be opened and players will be able to enjoy some of the citizens’ favorite games. Kirby Wood can also help with the bar of tea.

In order to satisfy customers and aim for a higher score, players need to produce customer orders quickly. In Waddle Dee Town you can meet Erudito Waddle Dee who will give useful tips. By going online, you can get some details based on the global player data, including the total number of Waddle Dee stored worldwide and the most popular copying capability at the time.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Kirby Series and for this event, WHO You can download the wallpaper.