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Rappel produit

Intermarché: The play for the brand, this product is urgently remembered in stores!

Until now, product recall is still relevant. In fact, a new scandal has been uncovered by the Ministry of Health regarding a product that should be urgently avoided. This product is distributed through the reputed supermarket, Intermarché. Also, this is not the first time the brand has offered dreams to its consumers. This is what we are going for Announce The product involved in this article.

Product recall from Intermarché retail chain

That said, this is not the first time the product has been recalled. Especially, to this big retailer. However, he attracts a lot of customers to his shop. But this time, you have to Be careful Before you choose the item you want to buy. Please note that Intermarche does not guarantee the production of this product but participates in its distribution.

That is, it is quite possible to refund the product involved. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to consume it if you have purchased it.. Note that the Ministry of Health has withdrawn this product to protect all French people from using it. The product is harmful For health. So, make sure you check all your groceries well To be repaid Or clear before trashing.

The product is appreciated in the diet

Withdrawal of this product may cause dissatisfaction for many Intermarché customers. Besides, the supermarket may lose some by this announcement. Find out why this product is so well sold in France because it is so delicious. But it’s a Evidence of culinary creation. Suddenly, if the French want to experience the same taste at meal time, they have to find other similar ingredients. However, this product is incomparable. This is why some consumers live their dreams.

In addition to this product, there are other product recall options March over time Within the Intermarche. If so we wonderTaught This bad news will continue. Also, if this continues, the identity may say goodbye to their regulars forever. Anyway, we hope the situation improves in a few days Weeks The supermarket should come to catch that.

Give voice to the affected product memory

It’s time to let you know about the affected product. Withdrawal of the product issued by the Ministry of Health is a matter of concern Emotional peak puffs De Savoy IGP from the Saint Jean brand. So, be careful when placing items in your shopping cart. In fact, Listeria monocytogenes (pathogens) are mentioned in this product. The latter are responsible for the onset of listeriosis.

The ministry said the presence of the virus in the body alone could cause fever or be accompanied by headaches and body aches. In pregnant women, it can cause serious forms of neurological problems or damage to the mother or fetus. However, follow this product carefully Listeriosis is dangerousEspecially People Brittle (elderly or pregnant).