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Android 13, Password Simplified: A Revolution Ready to Use QR Codes

Let’s talk again about the news of Android 13, this time we mention another addition inspired by the word simplification: Easy use of QR codes

What’s new in Android 13 (Unsplash)

The Android 13 Release Considering that there is no beta version dedicated to developers yet, it is still a long way off. However, the conversation revolves around the message of the next version of Android “Dramisu”) The last two weeks have seen intense acceleration. Changes suggested online and changes announced by major news outlets will have the task of completing multiple additions Android 12, Which in the meantime is constantly landing on new smartphones (chronological latest OnePlus10) And existing devices.

If you do not expect news on the aesthetic front after the entry “The subject is youIn the current version of “Green Robot”, new Android 13 However, he can be commended for some of the improvements that revolve around the term simplification. Then The feature was announced yesterday, New innovation has been discovered with the next big Android update, this time about QR codes.

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Android 13 makes it easy to scan QR codes

Android 13 new QR codes
Changes to QR codes in Android 13 expected by AndroidPolice’s editors (Figure AndroidPolice)

Green Boss and The New Android 13 People who usually show off their smartphone to access certain services will want to make life easier. In fact, the teacher was expected by the staff AndroidPolice, One of the next major releases of “Green Robot” New quick link Dedicated Scan QR codes, Can be accessed directly from the lock screen. So there is no need to open external applications (ie Google Lens) Or your device’s camera, but swipe up and down from the lock screen and click the appropriate button that Google already has in mind to create. The mechanism of action is not yet clear because it is still a neglect to be supported by some data, but considering the authenticity of the source, we hope that the change will actually come. New to Android 13.

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However, QR codes are not the only addition to the new Android. According to information from the same source, the playback will have an aesthetic and functional update of the user interface dedicated to the controls of the audio: the new UI will better manage the gaps and join the expected enhancements recommended on Android. , To say that the user will change in a few clicks, drawing a specific command directly from the lock screen. For those smartphones with classic physics buttons (actually very low), Android 13 Long pressing the Home button will allow you to disable Google Assistant.