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Kindle: Security vulnerability puts your Amazon account at risk - you need to do it now

Kindle: Security vulnerability puts your Amazon account at risk – you need to do it now

Amazon Kindle

Researchers warn that there is a security gap in the Amazon Kindle, which could threaten your Amazon account as well. However, you can take safety measures.

A major security flaw has been discovered in the Amazon Kindle.

  • A cybersecurity company has found a major impact on the Amazon Kindle e-book reader.
  • Not only the device but also the Amazon account will be affected.
  • Amazon has already responded and released an update.

The Amazon Kindle Is one of the most popular E-Book-Return In this world. However, researchers have now discovered a security flaw in the device. With the help of the “affected” e-book, the researchers were able to acquire not only the device, but the entire Amazon account.

In principle, a copy of a book is provided as a download, but it contains command lines taken by the device and the data in it can be read. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. Check point In their statement.

You need to do it now

Amazon has now released a new update (version 5.13.5) to protect devices with the help of Checkpoint. It will be installed automatically if you are connected to the Internet.

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Although Czech point researchers do not consider this method to be actively used by cybercriminals already, this cannot be ruled out. The best way to get your own account and data Amazon offers two-factor authentication to protect If this is enabled, you will not be able to account even through the security hole.

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