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Keys, Tips and Strategies for a Successful PIM Plan

Keys, Tips and Strategies for a Successful PIM Plan

According to a study conducted by Google in 2018, the number of touch points during customer travel has doubled in a few years. This means that shoppers do a lot of research to find information about the product before purchasing it. For businesses, Product Information Management (PIM) refers to the management of product information that can be helpful, vigilant and complete.

In definite terms, it is a technology that centralizes and processes marketing data for its products very simply.

In the same way

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In his latest ebookThe Dn’D Agency, which specializes in consulting, designing, developing and supporting business platforms, discusses PIM’s key policies and the feasibility of providing this solution.

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Why choose a PIM solution?

PIM has various benefits for businesses. Among them, the fact that the product data is centralized in one place. This avoids updating multiple files and reduces the risk of error. Data enrichment and automated data output are key features of this technology, saving valuable time on a daily basis.

This solution also generates significant productivity gains because they integrate unwanted processes through fully automated workflows. It benefits all groups: sales, e-commerce, marketing … In this white paper, Dn’D Agency reviews all the specifications of PIM and how it works.

This technology can be used to deal with many changes such as internationalization of sales. To succeed in winning customers in new markets, product data must be properly translated, taking into account the cultural context of each country. They need to be checked and updated to ensure consistency. Many PIM solutions provide links to translation agency tools.

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At the same time, PIM is also useful for companies with very high e-commerce return rates. In some cases, the quality of the product description becomes one of the definitive causes of this problem. They should be well written and complete as a best guide for buyers in their decision making.

In this ebook, Dn’D Agency minimizes all instances of PIM use. It’s a great tool for fast growing local digital groups or companies that use multiple channels.

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Steps to follow for a successful PIM project

Each PIM project is implemented in a unique environment and has its own characteristics. However, it is possible to identify five key common steps when starting to analyze needs. It should include several components: benefits and pitfalls of all processes used, your company’s business opportunities, human resource development skills, target sales channels, and so on.

Then you have to choose a solution. It should take into account the requirements related to its operational sector, but not only. The possibilities of integration should be reviewed and the goals and objectives of his company should be taken into account. In this white paper, Dn’D Agency lists all the features to look out for.

By purchasing this eBook you will find the other three steps to setting up a PIM, along with the tips in each step:

  • Design;
  • உணர்தல்;
  • Change management.

In the last section, Dn’D explains how the agency can effectively manage and improve its product listing. Find all his advice and make your PIM project a success Download the free ebook.

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