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Gold Xbox Games October 2020 Warning - Last Chance to Download Free Games |  Gaming |  Entertainment

Gold Xbox Games October 2020 Warning – Last Chance to Download Free Games | Gaming | Entertainment

Microsoft is getting ready to refresh games with the release of Gold Free Game for October.

Like the PS Plus, Xbox Gold subscribers receive the option of free games each month.

The first batch of Gold Freebees starts on the first day of the month, followed by the second wave midway the following month.

If you subscribe to Xbox Gold, you can download Maid of Scare on Xbox One and Costume Quest on Xbox 360 from the morning of October 16th.

In fact, due to Microsoft’s backwards compatibility feature, Costume Quest will also play on the Xbox One.

This means that this is your last chance to download the current batch of free games, including The Book of Unwritten Stories 2, and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Maid of Scare and Costume Quest Gold title in existing games Slave Camp: Butchers Cut, free until the end of this month.

To make sure you don’t miss out on free games, visit Games with the Gold Hub or official on your console Microsoft Website.

While this is not exactly a star month for games with Gold Freebies, Maid of Scare looks like a good horror game with a unique story.

According to the official description, Maid of the Scare is a horror game based on Welsh folk tales.

“Don’t be afraid, he’s not even shy! Set in a remote hotel with a terrible and gory history, use stealth tactics to stay alive against the worship of sound – based enemies,” the official description reads.

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“Inspired by the chilling tales of Welsh folklore, do your part to survive and dare the nightmares of quiet people.”

Costume Quest, meanwhile, is an action role-playing game with a Halloween twist.

“Collect super-powered magical costumes and level your hero in environments full of monsters of Auburn Pines.

“Complete many quests, increase your party and eliminate evil in the Halloween story, it will suffocate children and children ation.”

As for the current Xbox Gold Free Games, Slave Camp: Butcher’s Cut Bunch is a selection of over 300 spooky puzzles.

“Sculface, the adoring villain character, pays homage to the worst horror of the classic 80s, scaring camp counselors and other victims he finds.

“Absurd terror and new dimensions of over 300 horrible puzzles await in this isometric puzzle game.”

Then there are the original Xbox game Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, which is a third person adventure game.

“Inspired by the myths of ancient Egypt, play like a sphinx and his reluctant hero friend Mummy, as they travel the world to thwart the set’s evil plans.

“Find the stolen magic crowns in Egypt and use theft, agility and special powers to save the world.”