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User refuses to change 360's Gamerb, Microsoft fixes image -

User refuses to change 360’s Gamerb, Microsoft fixes image –

A particular story has come out these days and it all happened via Twitter, publicly complaining that it starts with one user Profile game Seems bad now, taken fromThe Xbox 360 era, And ended with a Xbox Engineer The officer who took the matter to heart Fixed image Act on the new interface.

It has little general relevance, but the way the problem has developed is undoubtedly good and involves the community until it is resolved. User Gabriel Roland, with his past in the world of video game development, began the matter with a tweet below: “With each passing generation, the Xbox tries to humiliate my back-man ghost avatar by reducing the size. And more. I bought this camberpik for points and I would scold it if it didn’t last The best dollar I ever spent Until the oceans boil “, reads the message.

The problem is, with a progressive increase Resolution, Old images imported as Gamerpix for user profiles on Xbox Live are officially upgraded and become smaller, smaller and invisible if not optimized for higher resolutions.

The thing is more ComedyHowever, Xbox engineer Eden Marie took the matter to heart and began the particularly hard work of converting the image to new interface standards. Mary explained the practice on Twitter All steps To solve the problem, you can start buying the same set of images and enjoy them directly, however, it now specifies how it costs $ 2.38.

At one end Long and complicated process, Which led to the discovery that PNG images used as Gamerpix retain the transparency and some background historical differences in the development of the interface.

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Eventually the issue was resolved, much to Roland’s delight Praised Because she had never seen such speed in resolving the issue, Mary replied, “It helped a lot to make me laugh at your initial statement.”