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Jasmine will die from these stupid mistakes that almost everyone makes

Jasmine will die from these stupid mistakes that almost everyone makes

Orchids are beautiful plants that are highly valued for the elegance of their flowers. Placed at home, they make any furniture classic and the perfect gift to express commitment and affection to a person.

Killing an orchid is very easy, especially if you do not know some simple tricks to keep it alive. The main reason many people wither their orchids is too much water. The orchid, in fact, is a tropical plant that should only be moist when the soil is completely dry.

However, apart from this, there is another mistake that often occurs, which some people pay attention to, but it will have more weight on the life of the plant.

Jasmine will die from these stupid mistakes that almost everyone makes

Buying an orchid is almost guaranteed. In fact, anyone who thinks that orchid flowers wither instantly is very mistaken. He may think so because he does not know these 3 simple tricks to bloom jasmine throughout the year.

When we think of the orchid, the image of this beautiful plant immediately comes to mind with its elegant flowers and a vase, essentially white or pink. Covering a dangerous mistake is precisely here.

Once we buy an orchid and decide to combine it with a ceramic pot cover, we are very wrong.

From the very beginning there is a clear and precise reason why orchids are sold with a transparent vase. The root system of these plants does this Chlorophyll photosynthesisIt is activated only when there is light. Conversely, by placing the plant in a ceramic pot, we will block the light from coming in and cause severe comfort to the plant. In fact, Jasmine will die because of this stupid mistake that almost everyone makes. Not to mention the orchid that withers due This is the most serious mistake many people make in the summer.

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Beware of heat shocks

Plants that are moved from the nursery to small shops or homes undergo major changes in the microclimate. We talk about the properties of the environment, such as the level of humidity and the presence of light and temperature. These differences can create stress for our plant. To avoid creating this unpleasant situation for our plant we should always try to keep the internal temperature of our house constant. In particular, the optimum temperature for growing an orchid fluctuates between 10 and 27, although this varies a lot depending on the orchid species.


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