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January was a great month, but the rarity never stopped - Nert 4.Life

January was a great month, but the rarity never stopped – Nert 4.Life

Rare declared January to be the best month ever The sea of ​​thieves. This fun pirate-themed game took several months to go, but finally manages to attract a greater number of players. Rare, in fact, recorded Best month Both look complex and the number of players active at the same time. However, the English study is not yet satisfied with the results and is purposeful Expand More games and the team that makes it.

We are well aware that Francesco Serino and Luca Poro cheered us on with trips to the Seven Seas weekly, but for others it may come as a real surprise, especially considering the slow start of the game. Being Game The Boss, But above all it has come to steam, allowing Sieve of Thieves to create a large and passionate user base that can add to the large number of pirates it encounters daily at sea.

January 2021 is, in fact, the month with the highest number of active users over 30 days, but also the month with the highest peak of contemporary players. Not bad for a product next month Three years.

Microsoft and Rare could not ignore this success: for this reason, the panel announced an increase in the number of people working on the new contents and revisions of the Sea of ​​Thieves, which, in this case, reached a historic record. All of these are intended to grow and deliver further Best year di Sea of ​​Thieves.

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