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James Bond 007: The Golden Eye – Nintendo 64 Classic is no longer coded in Germany – Endeavor

One of the best classics for it Nintendo 64 Is without a doubt James Bond 007: Golden I.. A video game adaptation of the 1997 Bond film of the same name was made at a British studio. Rare And became very popular among fans of the console and the template. However, this game is not officially distributed in Germany.

This is due to the decision taken by the Federal Inspectorate for Media Harmful to Youth. The power is called the Golden Eye Index. Schedule means the game may or may not be advertised in public. Although this result is not equivalent to a legal ban, in practice many players still do not have access to the title.

As section reports write, James Bond 007: Golden Eye has been removed from the code. This is because there is no time limit for the automatic release of titles after 25 years. According to the plan, it will not happen until next year. In fact, a Nintendo subsidiary seems to be de-indexing Has requested. This is possible because the test center criteria have changed over time, and GoldenEye is no longer considered important today.

There is some speculation that Golden Eye will be removed from the code in advance. Nintendo has been offering this for a few days Nintendo Switch Online + Extension Gallery Subscription to Nintendo Switch, among other things, can play Nintendo 64 games on the console. Raising the table may be a sign that Nintendo wants to integrate the classic shooter into service from the rear. Panjo-Kasui already has a deal with Studio, which is now part of Microsoft, which has already been confirmed for the expansion package. However, these considerations are currently viewed as speculative. James Bond 007: GoldenEye can only be confirmed to be available for free for the first time in Germany after an updated trial.

How do you rate scheduling? James Bond 007: Do you think the Golden Eye might appear in the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack?

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