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Zorya: The Celestial Sisters

Co-op Puzzle Fun Zoria: Celestial Sisters Coming to Nintendo Switch – ntower

Canadian developer studio MadLife Divertisement celebrates its launch Zoria: The Celestial Sisters Not just on the computer, but also on the Nintendo Switch. Two player puzzle will appear February 8, 2022 And from the beginning Cross-play Support between sites.

The team slips into the roles of two sisters and the gods at the same time ஆய்சு And சொல்வீக். Aysu is the deity of the night and Solvok is the deity of the sun. The night goddess landed on earth unplanned and now needs the help of her sister to find a way back to heaven. Because she lost all her powers when she landed, they are now scattered all over the country. Solvewake must now help her to get it back.

Light and shadow will guide you towards the goal

As the organization points out, Zoria: The Celestial Sisters requires a lot of teamwork. With a lot of communication and collective tinkering to solve complex puzzles, the team leads the way at different levels. These depend on the combination Light and shadowWe have to go different ways in order to reveal new paths. However, Aishu is not alone on earth: various enemies want to make life difficult for her. The Solar power His sister must fix this and stop the enemies, but interact with various puzzle elements. But if that alone is not enough, the third element comes Wind Added. Aicius’ skill is needed here, who can push enemies and puzzle elements into the sun with the help of the wind so Solwake can take care of them.

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But it shows how the whole thing is in the game Announcement trailer:

Do you enjoy co-op mysteries and talk to yourself about Soria: The Celestial Sisters?