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It can be used in any game -

It can be used in any game –

Waiting for official communication AMD, Comes an interesting news from VideoCardz, according to which the company is about to launch the technology soon Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) What to representExtension of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) Apply on All games.

It will be together in a way “Democratization” of technology Improving clarity with artificial intelligence extends it to any game, regardless of whether FidelityFX is supported or not.

AMD FidelityFX lets you improve graphics quality using Super Resolution AI

So this RSR can be used in games before the introduction of FSR in general Any title that can be used “full screen” In the system, it minimizes the need to use such technology.

At this point CES is waiting for confirmation from AMD that may come during 2022. We can imagine that this new resolution measurement technique using artificial intelligence is not up to FSR, but can achieve results in any case. Support for FidelityFX can be applied to any topic regardless, thus extending its usage considerably.

Considering that FSR is currently only supported by 70 games, RSR is highly supported and can be used directly Control panel Windows. While the solution adopted by Nvidia, i.e. DLSS, has proven to be the best, the latter is a graphics card with a tense core and the specific support of games for this technology is essential.

The strength of RSR, although perhaps the face of low results, would be the high-speed expansion of the user base that could use this technology, although it could at least be integrated with AMD GPUs based on the RDNA 1 framework.

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