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Is Part 2 appearing in Yoshinori Kidas' year-end news?  -

Is Part 2 appearing in Yoshinori Kidas’ year-end news? –

Further Yoshinori Kidase, Producer of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, was part of a classic collection of year-end interviews with Japanese magazine 4Camer, and its summary News Seems like referring to potential messages Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Part 2 Or for a remake in general.

What to worry about 2022One of the key themes for the new year is the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, Kidase said in a new interview, “The final Fantasy 7 world we’re re-launching with the remake will continue to expand. 2022”.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Cheer up the new Square Enix game

This mainly suggests that the news about Part 2 or the second part should be expanded, if not finished, work has begun on the final Fantasy 7 remake, but that is not the only explanation.

Immediately, in fact, Kitase reports “I hope you enjoy Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier”, a new mobile game based on the world of Final Fantasy 7, always in Battle Royale style. So report on this Game World Expands This style includes more parallel programs or mobile game related news, which can be somewhat disappointing for those waiting for news about the main game.

The truth is, the idea of ​​watching Final Fantasy 7 remake: Part 2 in 2022 seems very promising, but at least some news and stuff in this regard is likely to come out this year, and that too is promising. Considering ForcePoken and Final Fantasy XVI, there has to be a lot of things through Square Enix.