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"They are the ones who issue the decrees to prevent epidemics."

“They are the ones who issue the decrees to prevent epidemics.”

Vincenzo de Luca It does not plan to issue new laws to control the chain of infection. He believes he has done as much as possible in terms of his privileges, and the governor of Campania will ask individual mayors to issue specific orders to keep the situation under control. As has happened since the onset of the epidemic, goiter infections often spread in plains, with some areas being more affected than others. A specific commitment will be required from the first citizens, as has been demanded for some time by the Regional Crisis Unit to work in conjunction with the managers of individual cities.

There have not been so many cases in Campania since the outbreak began. Yesterday marked the second consecutive negative record, with nearly 10,000 positive in 24 hours. The incidence rate has risen to 8.8%, the highest level ever reached in the region.

“We are the norm: de Luca preaches well and scratches badly. He complains about the shortage of health workers, but is utterly indifferent to the basic service 118, which is in dramatic use,” said Severino Nappy, the council’s regional councilor in Campania.

“I have been reporting this serious problem for some time, and I have asked that a study be conducted on ASL Napoli 1 to identify the reasons that led to the criticism of the 118 service represented by the shortage above all else. , Purchased and more stable ambulances, from the approximate administration, in general, the department and, in particular, human resources.

We are still waiting for a response from de Luca, but you know, when we tell others and others that we are responsible for complaints and failures, it should always be done first and foremost for good. Campania is deaf to any request and chooses indifference and immobility “.

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