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Is Halo Infinite ahead of rivals CoD and Battlefield?

Is Halo Infinite ahead of rivals CoD and Battlefield?

Hollow Infinite has not yet been officially released, but is currently number one in terms of positive reviews. The shooter’s beta has significantly better ratings than its rivals.

At the end of the year, many developers of the shooter genre give it a full throttle again. With the exception of the recent releases of “Battlefield 2042” and “Call of Duty: Vanguard” in November, the current section on the Master Chief is in the opening volumes.

Hollow Infinite will be officially released on December 8th, but the beta phase of the multiplayer mode is already free. This possibility is used by tons of fans: Hollow currently outperforms its type competitors.

Hollow with excellent ratings on Metacritic

Various games were rated on the Metacritic platform, among others. There, Halo Infinite is at the forefront of official ratings, with user ratings not yet active.

Based on the reviews, the beta received a consistent score of 82. “Call of Duty: Vanguard” lags behind with 72 and “Battlefield 2042” is last in the trio with 69 points.

All ratings refer to the PC version of the respective topic. User ratings on Steam also speak in favor of Hollow.

Steam users also love Hollow

So far, the game has received 75,000 positive reviews. That means almost 80 percent of the 94,000 reviews are positive.

The relationship with Steam with “Battlefield 2042” is completely different: only about 34 percent of the 82,000 reviews are positive.