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Hollow Infinite: Cannot Relaunch Campaigns |  Xbox One

Hollow Infinite: Cannot Relaunch Campaigns | Xbox One

Sad news for Halo Saga fans and especially for the most perfect of them since Microsoft confirmed Polygon
Called the tasks of the campaignThe halo is infinite Can only play once per storage. In other words you have to save and finish the campaign at once or create new ones to run the game missions again.

An essential feature of the disappearing campaign mode

Level Replayability has always been important in Hollow and all games feature special and impactful campaigns. One who does not resume precise and particularly interesting work on the Halo or Call of Duty.

In Hollow it was very interesting because the game always finds many objects and collects them in its stages. In addition, his score, his time, was able to change the level of difficulty, but play again individually or through collaboration without losing the thread of the story. In short, Mission Replicability is important for perfectionists and hard-working players.

The disappearance of Replicability is due to the open world provided by Hollow Infinite. This is because even though all the tasks take place in a linear sequence, the player must travel to different parts of the world to progress in the story. The good news is that the map of Hollow Infinite is open and players have the option to retrace their steps to explore specific areas. In some cases, this means that objects hidden in these areas can be found after a task, but this does not apply to all tasks.

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This is especially true for the first two Hollow Infinite missions taking place outside of Hollow Jetta. They are out of the open world so there is no way to go back there, so if you do not want to restart storage, it is better not to miss the collections. A Microsoft spokesperson spoke specifically on the matter.

“Post-game play gives you the flexibility to explore the environment you need, but for the first two tasks, when you’ve not yet in the ring, you can not run again from the same file.” Backup. You can collect the remaining FOBs, goals, and audio recordings, but the main story tasks will not be re-enabled. “

The skulls are attached to the player’s account, which means they will not be reset when the new storage file is started. Very surprising news for the owner’s regulars who want to recover some significant tasks or collect all the items hidden in the game’s tasks. It’s yours to gain insight from the start of tomorrow’s Halo Infinite campaign to avoid that. Make a backup within a week.