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Is Battlefield 2042 the fastest battlefield degree?

Is Battlefield 2042 the fastest battlefield degree?

Even during the beta, some players noticed Battlefield 2042 moving fast. The movement is agile, fast and reminiscent of the energetic movement of the Apex Legends or Call of Duty title. Battlefield 2042 Core Game Designer Florian “DRUNKKZ3” Le Bihan had a successful career up to Battlefield 4 at Battlefield Sport, now posing On Twitter Some data on the speed of movement is ready.

According to the data, Battlefield 2042 is faster in normal flow like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, but if you have a gadget that can target your opponent or use tactical sliding, you will definitely be faster than other battlefield titles.

Title Normal speed Tactical flow
Battlefield 3/4 6.5 m / s 7.15 m / s
Battlefield hard line 6.75 m / s 6.75 m / s
Battlefield 1 / V 6.04 m / s 6.04 m / s
Battlefield 2042 6.5 m / s 7.25 m / s
The speed of the battlefield movement

The trunk KZ3 explains in comments on Twitter that the vaulting height on Battlefield 2042 will be the same as on Battlefield V and that we can climb up to a maximum of 2.4 meters.

In general, the new speed should allow you to cover more distances without feeling too slow. However, it should also be noted that the new pace is a natural reaction to the fact that Battlefield 2042 truly offers the largest battlefield maps we have ever been able to play. The “Orbit” map available on Battlefield 2042 Beta will be one of the medium-sized maps. More about Battlefield 2042 Maps You learn Here.

One wonders now if Battlefield 2042 is the fastest battlefield degree ever. The answer is likely to be negative. However, factors such as the use of tactical sprints and ziplines will make you travel faster.

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The reduced animations and erroneous FOV slider also contributed to the fact that in the course of the open beta the idea of ​​speed was different for many players.

Funny fact:

  • The difference in sprint timeline between normal and tactical sprints on the battlefield 2042 is 75%.
  • At 100 meters, the BF2042 is about 1.33 seconds faster than a soldier from Battlefield 4.

Below you will find the appropriate video for sprint speed on the battlefield 2042:

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