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Pixel 6 Wallpaper: G Pieces – Optimal Wallpapers for Android 12 Material can be downloaded here

For the clip

In a few days The Pixel 6-smartphones Granted, it allowed developers and engineers to be hard workers, but also allowed designers to show off their creativity. Now comes the next batch of Pixel 6 wallpapers, which are already found in this form in some marketing films and are intended to express the strength of the material you are designing.

Pixel 6 space1

Many smartphone manufacturers offer a series of background images for their new flagships that are already installed, used in marketing and can be found elsewhere. At Google this is no different, but this year they are even going full speed in this area, now bringing the fourth wallpaper collection for devices. A few days ago we offered you to download billboard wallpapers, now there are similar themes.

In fact, the new set has the simple title of “core” and is again divided into two larger parts, “floating” and “pieces of G”. These show very simple shapes or abstract shapes with a few colors and should bring a certain serenity to the home screen. Thanks to the colorization and color ratio on individual surfaces, they should interact well with the changing colors of the material you are designing.

If you want to download the next pixel wallpaper collection, you can download it as usual from us or view it separately. It is expected that this will not be the last wallpaper for Pixel 6 smartphones because new titles and genres are always added.

Pixel 6 driven wallpaper

Above you can see a preview of the images, all of which follow the same style. If you wish, you can download the entire package directly from Google Drive as a ZIP file. This allows you to divide it into two categories: “floating” and “Piectes of G”. In Google Photos Gallery you can see all the images at a glance and download them from there. I upload them in full resolution so you can choose individual images as well.

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Background images are 6000 × 6501 (pieces of G) or 9360 × 8640 (floating) with almost insane resolution for these shapes. You can download it here:

Pixel 6 Motive Wallpaper: Gallery (Google Photos) | Download Tamil (Google Drive)


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