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iPadOS 15 : un concept cohérent qui donne envie

IPods 15: The coherent concept you want

Apple will release the iPad 15 in a few months, during WWDC 2021 in June. Then we know what the manufacturer has in its system dedicated to tablets Relatively bad year for new products Compared to iOS 14, this concept imagines possible innovations in the iPadOS 15’s program, and it does so without going into incomplete illusions.

We see the revised home screen in iOS 14 Chaos, with widgets that can be mixed with application icons. As far as we do, the iPad could go further, and this concept envisions a screen closer to the MacOS desktop, and also has the opportunity to deposit files and folders. It is not nonsense that we can quickly access the components we use so often.

Application icons, widgets, folders and files are directly on the home screen of this concept.

This concept also provides a more robust interface for iPods to better manage external screens. A button switches from the current video copy mode to extended mode, where the monitor is managed differently from the one integrated on the tablet. In this mode, the interface that displays all open applications will display two screens at the top, similar to Magos virtual desktops. This is brilliant, especially when you can switch from one app to another by dragging and dropping.

As long as you dream, this concept also triggers the possibility of having multiple user sessions, each user being able to be identified by FaceID. In slide-over mode to respect the reduced width, why not have the ability to run iOS apps on the tablet. This will allow Apple to provide a calculator for its iPod, just imagine it!

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