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Android 12

Here’s what Material Next interface looks like with Android 12

With Release of the first developer preview of Android 12 With the next version of the company’s mobile operating system we were able to get the first taste of what the Mountain View giant has in store for us.

One of the innovations introduced is marked by a significant redesign of the settings menu, which aims to update Google’s semantic design, making it easier to use even with one hand (like Samsung’s One UI interface.) Design.

Here’s what Android 12 apps look like

The new style, officially called Material Next, could revolutionize the entire interface and staff of Google Pixel smartphones. 9to5Google I tried to imagine what the Mountain View giant major apps would look like in the new version of Android.

This is the new settings menu:

So, let’s find out how 9to5Google employees imagine that this could be the design of some major apps with Android 12. Let’s start with Gmail (the current interface on the left and the new one on the right):

Continue with the Google Play Store (see the example center of Android 12 on the left and on the right Mock up Shop):

So this is the mode of contacts application (current interface on the left and possible with Android 12 on the right):

Here is the Files app (on Android 12 on the left, the current version of the app on the center and on the right Mock up):

These screen shots are only the result of the imagination of 9to5Google employees, but it seems unlikely that Google will use Android 12 to provide a general “update” to its operating system interface. We will definitely know more in the coming weeks.

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