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iOS 14.5 Beta 6, here is all the news

iOS 14.5 Beta 6, here is all the news

Beta 6 for iOS 14.5 Introducing two new Siri voices available in English, a function finally coming to Italy, and news related to battery management on the iPhone 11.

What’s new in Sriville

In addition Two new Sri voices in English, iOS 14.5 Beta 6 adds more New option in the configuration phase Allows iPhone users to choose their preferred Siri voice in addition to the default. This way, the virtual assistant can immediately choose which voice to set.

Changes have been found for Sree From Tech Crunch The site also says that two new voices add more contrast to the sound and form of English speech. Apple added that the change was part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We are pleased to introduce two new ‘Siri’ voices for English speakers and the option for users to select the voice they prefer when setting up their device. It is a continuation of Apple’s long-term commitment to products and services designed to better reflect diversity and content and the diversity of the world in which we live.

Added new voices using recordings managed by Apple’s neural engine “fThey are in a very organic way”By phrases created while flying.

On iOS 14.5 settings, now “Siri & Search“It is”Sri Kural“, When labeled”Pronunciation“Changed”Variety“. No more choice of genres, but only four voice options for the English language.

Today’s beta also improves the voices of Ireland, Russia and Siri Italy Add Neuroscience text for speech synthesis.

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New to the battery in the iPhone 11

With iOS 14.5 Beta 6 Will be carried out a Resetting maximum battery capacity on iPhone 11 models, To fix issues related to incorrect ratings reported by users.

Symptoms of this error include unexpected battery run time behavior or, in some cases, reduced device peak performance. Apple claims that incorrect battery health reports do not reflect the actual condition of the battery.

Once the update is installed, iPhone 11 users will see a message Settings> Battery> Battery Level Related to the restoration process, which may take a few weeks, according to Apple.

Restoration of maximum capacity and maximum performance capacity occurs during regular charge cycles and this process may take several weeks. The maximum efficiency percentage displayed during the review will not change. Maximum performance can be improved, but this may go unnoticed by most users. If you’ve seen the previous low battery message, this message will be removed after updating to iOS 14.5.

Upon completion of the restructuring, the maximum capacity percentage and maximum performance efficiency information will be updated. If you reconsider that battery health has actually significantly decreased, users will see a warning message.