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iOS 14.4: Release candidate released!

iOS 14.4: Release candidate released!

Apple offers Release the candidate With iOS 14.4 (RC) (create 18D52), the accompanying release notes allow us to learn a little more about the innovations of this new version of iOS 14 They confirm in sending the new notice Changing the photo gallery By an unauthorized component. Recognition of small QR codes of the camera application is also included.

Features iOS 14.4 keyboard fixes and artifacts in HDR photos on the iPhone 12 Pro. If all goes well, this RC will be following the final version in a few days, next week.

Apple also offers RCs for TVOS 14.4 (creating 18K802) and WatchOS 7.3 (creating 18K801), for which we will be back very soon.

iOS 14.4, Release Notes

iOS 14.4 includes the following upgrades for your iPhone:

  • Small QR codes can be recognized by the camera
  • Option to classify Bluetooth device type in settings to correctly identify headphones for audio notifications
  • Announcements when the camera on your iPhone can not be verified as the new, genuine Apple camera on the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Image artefacts appear in HDR photos taken with the iPhone 12 Pro
  • The Fitness Widget does not display updated functional data
  • Typing may be delayed and word suggestions may not appear on the keyboard
  • Keyboard messages should not come in the correct language
  • Audio stories from the news app on Carplay should not be restarted for speaking directions or after a pause in laughter
  • Enabling switch control on access can prevent you from answering phone calls from the lock screen
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